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Hi! My name is


I'm a friendly retriever, beagle, and vizsla mix. I was rescued from a shelter and am about 11 years old.

My mom, Chelsea Boccardo, and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Us

Mom rescued me from Guilford County Animal Shelter in 2015. I was the only dog there not barking. It's been the life of comfort and fun for me ever since!

I go on walks everyday with mom around the neighborhood. I'm friendly to dogs, but mostly prefer to socialize with humans and other calm dogs. When I'm not patrolling the streets, I'm definitely eating or taking a nap. My favorite spots to sleep are any place with a pillow - couches, beds, dog beds... Occasionally I'll relax on the floor. I'm also a polite, clean, mature, and quiet AIRBNB vacation rental visitor!

Back to food... I love to eat. Some of my favorite foods are blueberries, peanut butter, rice, bacon, chicken, steak, sweet potatoes, and bananas.

Loud noises, moving/running water, and car rides make me nervous. I don't prefer screaming or running kids. I won't bite or hurt them, but I may tell you I'm stressed out by snarling or showing my teeth. I really like calm children and am patient with them.

My mom is my favorite person and she tells me we're best friends. If I'm not with her, I'm a usually a little worried. We're inseparable - except for when I'm napping...


We're two peas in a pod.



If I am lost and you found me, thank you.

I am microchipped, up to date on my vaccinations, and friendly.

Please contact my mom so we can arrange picking me up. She will be worried sick about me, and I'd like to go take a nap in my own bed.

Wyngate Neighborhood

Springhouse Lane

Raleigh, NC 27617

336.338.6468   (Call or text)

Emergency Contact

Jeremiah Fennell

484.546.1548 (Call or text)

Find more pictures of me
on Instagram with my mom!

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